Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Imaginative game to activate the right brain

This game is very simple: by using glasses. However, to prevent danger arising from the use of glass like the sharp side of the glass and the vulnerability of pieces of broken glass is dangerous to your heart, we will create artificial glass. Basic ingredients:
 1. Compact disks (CDs) used
 2. Stickers, paper trimmer, or a plain cardboard
 How it works:
 - Collect some old CDs. Coat the sides of the CD is labeled with a sticker or a paper trimmer, but let the shiny side remains smooth
 - Now, you can have a small glass probes you can use a variety of ways by the child. Glass is safe because the edges are not sharp and not easily broken.
 - Give a glass to the child and ask her to describe other people they see through the glass. See others in the glass, keep the glass, and have children describe what he saw.
 - Encourage the child imagination to find different variations of the use of glass. For example: when children see the glass, encourage the child saw herself and whom she imagines if she is in a position of anger, whom she pretended to be angry and saw herself in the mirror. At that time children may laugh, well,  when she actually laughed, describe to the child "See, look at yourself when laugh, you are pretty, aren’t you? your mouth is opened wide, your small plasticity teeth makes dad & mom happy " it is also at the same time teaches children to recognize emotion.