Sunday, September 25, 2011

Play as a mechanic

The game is played to meet curiosity of your child. It is not just for boys. Unloading activities in pairs can stimulate creativities,
imagination, exploration of intellectual abilities. This game also hone fine motor skills and stimulate the child's hand eye coordination.
How to play:
1. Give children unused goods such as radios, telephone, fans, etc.that are not used or the real goods that they often see. If no give toys or carpentry tools
2. Let him explore, open the section by section with or without your help
3. Let the child in doing things himself and try to fix it

Saturday, September 24, 2011


It’s a game that can sharp the brain. It can be taught from the age of 12 months. Play puzzle together can also glue the relationship between parent and child. For the age of 12 months, you can start game from two pieces of the puzzle. Usually the child will ask for the added because it is a challenge for children. Little by little the number of pieces added. By the time children start trouble, confusion in completing this game, then you can encourage your child to not become discouraged. What you have done can cause a sense of confidence, feeling valued, and more importantly a sense of the presence of parents who always protects to create a sense of security.
The presence or closeness between parents and children build a child to become more actively participate in various other activities.
Here are the steps in a jigsaw puzzle:
- Remove the puzzle pieces of boards
- Shuffle the puzzle pieces
- Ask children to pair again
- Provide a challenge to children to build faster, with the count numbers or stopwatch
Happy playing ....!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Question about How to make a link with another site

"mytoyslink" I have written above is a try to linking my blok with Actually, I want to create an image of a toy that linked on in the left side and give the information of the image on the right side. kindly my friends who read this paper, tell me if you know how to do that. please send me a message. thank You.
after a few minute, I found this : fail ...!! I want the picture that appears. Come my friend... share your knowladge... thank U..

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Toys For Children 2 years Old

Children aged 2 years had a lot of energy. Try to distribute their energies by providing a variety of games and toys that can stimulate the child physically and intellectually.
1. Toys that make children feel grown up, like a toy-cook dishes, ironing, dolls that can be bathed and fed
2. A variety of objects that stimulate creativity and imagination, such as picture books, playdough, pencils and crayons
3. Toys that Introduce various forms, like blocks, numbers, and puzzles
4. Various devices for pretend toys, like costumes and toys that demonstrate a particular role, such as doctors or police
5. Toys that stimulate the ability to speak, such as a toy phone, and children's song tapes
6. Constructive game, like Lego and blocks
7. Facilities and play equipment that  stimulate physically, such as a wide field, a safe place to climb and pursue

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bathtub Toys

The children will play wherever they are. Invariably when they were in the bathroom. Usually they can spend a long time if we did not warn them.

We have several toy products are suitable to be played in the bathroom :

If you want to see more toys, click one of the images above and being directed to various toys you can choose.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Power Wheels Ford F-150

Power Wheels Ford F-150Power Wheels Ford F-150Power Wheels Ford F-150

Kids can take off on a real driving adventure in the Power Wheels Ford F-150. With realistic side-view mirrors, built-in windshield, and roomy truck bed, kids will feel like they’re driving a real truck! They can even lift up the hood to find a realistic truck “engine”. Adding to the excitement, the truck’s big, rugged tires make it easy for kids to take their adventures off road too!
here is a comment from a buyer  :
-          My son loves cars, trucks, trains etc. and wants to drive our real cars, so I thought this would be a perfect substitute, his own car! I bought this for his second birthday, the first day he was unsure about it, but by the next day he was zipping all over the driveway, the yard and sidewalk. This is a great toy. The battery last about 2 1/2 days (my son only drives it about a maximum of an hour a day and I leave it unplugged/not charging) and by the third day I have to charge it. The only thing he had to learn is to press the button for reverse. For the first few months he would only drive forward but after working with him to understand the concept of backing up he got it. It doesn't go that fast (about 3mph), but it is fast enough for his age.

Blogwalking Ways to Improve Rank

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This article is a little deviate from the Main Topic of My blog (that is all about toys). But I need to express as sharing experiences for my  bloggers friends to increase the website rank.
I started blogwalking with alexa rank of about 14 millions, has now become about 2.5 millions.
In my opinion the way to increase rank is by blogwalking. The way I have done, as follows:
1. Select a blog / website that was attuned to the topic of your blog (My blog about TOY) For example site A. I notice in site A’s Cbox for a visit back to my site. At that time, I was also click other visitors in the Cbox list, one by one and leave the same message, after it, I visited again to the first visitors of the blog A (eg. I named B) and so I visited the blog B’s visitors one by one again, so on the relay .
2. Make your comments as attractive as possible
. If You use Cbox, you can give marquee effect (your comment can flow back and forth) with: type [scroll] Your comment [/ scroll] .
The results for two ways above that I have done,  are pretty good antoy d many visitors have been returning to my blog.thereby information at a glance, I hope this is useful, maybe you have a better experience or knowledge to share, I loved too.. share to me please... thanks
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