Saturday, September 3, 2011

Power Wheels Ford F-150

Power Wheels Ford F-150Power Wheels Ford F-150Power Wheels Ford F-150

Kids can take off on a real driving adventure in the Power Wheels Ford F-150. With realistic side-view mirrors, built-in windshield, and roomy truck bed, kids will feel like they’re driving a real truck! They can even lift up the hood to find a realistic truck “engine”. Adding to the excitement, the truck’s big, rugged tires make it easy for kids to take their adventures off road too!
here is a comment from a buyer  :
-          My son loves cars, trucks, trains etc. and wants to drive our real cars, so I thought this would be a perfect substitute, his own car! I bought this for his second birthday, the first day he was unsure about it, but by the next day he was zipping all over the driveway, the yard and sidewalk. This is a great toy. The battery last about 2 1/2 days (my son only drives it about a maximum of an hour a day and I leave it unplugged/not charging) and by the third day I have to charge it. The only thing he had to learn is to press the button for reverse. For the first few months he would only drive forward but after working with him to understand the concept of backing up he got it. It doesn't go that fast (about 3mph), but it is fast enough for his age.


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