Saturday, September 17, 2011

Toys For Children 2 years Old

Children aged 2 years had a lot of energy. Try to distribute their energies by providing a variety of games and toys that can stimulate the child physically and intellectually.
1. Toys that make children feel grown up, like a toy-cook dishes, ironing, dolls that can be bathed and fed
2. A variety of objects that stimulate creativity and imagination, such as picture books, playdough, pencils and crayons
3. Toys that Introduce various forms, like blocks, numbers, and puzzles
4. Various devices for pretend toys, like costumes and toys that demonstrate a particular role, such as doctors or police
5. Toys that stimulate the ability to speak, such as a toy phone, and children's song tapes
6. Constructive game, like Lego and blocks
7. Facilities and play equipment that  stimulate physically, such as a wide field, a safe place to climb and pursue

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