Saturday, September 24, 2011


It’s a game that can sharp the brain. It can be taught from the age of 12 months. Play puzzle together can also glue the relationship between parent and child. For the age of 12 months, you can start game from two pieces of the puzzle. Usually the child will ask for the added because it is a challenge for children. Little by little the number of pieces added. By the time children start trouble, confusion in completing this game, then you can encourage your child to not become discouraged. What you have done can cause a sense of confidence, feeling valued, and more importantly a sense of the presence of parents who always protects to create a sense of security.
The presence or closeness between parents and children build a child to become more actively participate in various other activities.
Here are the steps in a jigsaw puzzle:
- Remove the puzzle pieces of boards
- Shuffle the puzzle pieces
- Ask children to pair again
- Provide a challenge to children to build faster, with the count numbers or stopwatch
Happy playing ....!!!