Sunday, July 10, 2011

Managing your lovely children's toys

If you have small children, you have a single problem : Saving children's toys scattered in almost every room in the house!?!

Here are some tips that can help you :
1. Think frugal and practical. You can use cardboard, or plastic shoe boxes that had not been used more weeks to save children's toys and put the room in particular. Thus, even children's toys are not scattered.
2. Keep toys based on categorization, such as cars, dolls, balls and so on. Provide a label or a certain picture that describes the contents of the storage area, making it easier for kids to find and save them back.
3. Ideally, place toys on the storage box, easily accessible by your child so it can not harm them while taking a desired toy.
4. Large toys can be used as decoration in the home with special racks align. For example: Stuffed animals, large toy cars or puzzle.
5. Ensure that children play with adult supervision to help him retrieve and store the toys back

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