Sunday, July 24, 2011

Safe and Educating Children’s Games

Play is a fun way for kids to learn about what they can do around them. Games and toys in accordance with the development of children will be encouraged to practice and give them pleasure.
When providing toys for children, parents must find the right game and according to age.
The Terms of toys are:

• Toys made of safe materials
• There should be no sharp parts that could injure
• Easily washable and does not contain the easy part regardless
• Has the old colors and striking

Age 3-4 months. Give your baby toys such as knitted balls with striking colors, toys with sounds.
Age 5-6 months. Give Babies who are good at holding and groping with a toy was made from rubber or cloth that can hold and touch.
Age 7-9 months. Babies can controll movement of fingers so that the baby can hold and pulled at everything close to him. Give the cubes of wooden beams of various colors, balls, animals from the cloth that is placed in a box.
Age 10-12 months. Children begin learning to walk as far as some of the steps. Give the game that could move so he could pull the toy. For example cars, trains, keretaan or rubber balls that can be thrown.
Age 1-2 years. Children are good at walking and jogging and have a desire to know everything that is around them. Give a toy box that contained clothes, small blocks or small shaped home furnishings such as desks, chairs, brooms, etc.
Age 3 years. Cubes multicolored beams, box of colored paper and colored pencils give the children's attention at the age of 3-4 years. Opportunities to explore the environment and experiment with new skills will help them in learning and comfort.

Do the following to get a safe environment for your children :

• Store household cleaning tools, medicines out of reach of children, preferably stored in a locked cabinet.
• Closing the pit power line
• Keep cord away from water cooker range cookers children or use water without wires
• Keep dangerous items out of reach of children
• fence dangerous objects such as swimming pools, fires, heaters and stairs

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