Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting Started Afterthought Educating and Raising a child

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Parents will do everything to make our children become an independent human/body, can be proud of, be a useful and survive in life. Parents would not want to like it or not obligated just trying to educate, raise, providing not only material but also of spiritual education, which in turn also give happiness to his parents.
Education to children can be said early on:
- Since children are still in the mother's womb. when fetuses aged 1-4 months the parents must pray more with hope the God will give them a good baby. After that, parents should try to interact / communicate on prospective dear children by giving attention to such close communication tummy. Highly recommended Mom enjoys classical music like Mozart music, bethoven, which according to some scientists the music can help brain development. At this phase, Mom should not be sad, not thinking about everything bad, and leave matters related to the nature / bad attitude.
- After birth. Communication with baby : avoid the use of sign language. When you are cuddling your baby, wear human language, not "tangtingtung, he he ha ha, etc". Baby eye contact when talking, hold her little fingers and get to interact as if the baby does understand what we are talking about.
- Lessons in language is let the baby listens and listens, parents should communicate as much as possible

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