Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Find and Identify Children's intelligence

Creativity for Kids Monster Trucks Custom ShopKid Galaxy Morphibians Gator Radio Control VehicleAlex Little Jumpers TrampolineIntelligence is usually associated with one's mathematical ability. We often hear that parents grumble when their children get bad grades in math, they said her son "less smart / dumb". That’s not right because  the size of a child's success is not based on purely mathematical ability.
We've heard that the highest score of national examination achieved by child who did not be class champion each year. Some successful entrepreneurs did not graduate from formal school, some not even a schoolboy.
From the above can be felt that there was other intelligence that intelligence a person has. According to Howard Gardner with his theory of multiple intelelligence, there are eight intelligences that people have. Basically all children have a high intelligence.
A child may be weak but strong in certain intelligence on the intelligence of others. Therefore, we should recognize the eight intelligences so that we can help to develop intelligence that we are prominent in children.
Recognize the characteristics of the eight intelligences, identify and adjust to the characteristics that appear in our children.
The eight intelligences by Howard Gardner are:
1. Linguistic intelligence: Word Smart
- The ability to use words effectively, interact in the teaching and learning activities, Traffic spelling, speaking, listening, reading writing. This intelligence must have MC, newscaster, actor, comedian, politician
2. Logical-mathematical intelligence: Smart Numbers
- Skills to process numbers so proficient in logic or common sense. Used by scientists to test hypotheses, accountants, programmers, mathematicians.
3. Spatial Intelligence: Smart Picture
- The ability to visualize an image or create it. Useful for structuring the room, decorate the house, reading financial statements, enjoy the artwork
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Body Smart
- It is the intelligence of the entire body, including the intelligence arms. Effect on the flexibility and agility of the body. This intelligence must be owned by a mechanic, tailor, carpenter, surgeon
5. Musical intelligence: Music Smart
- The ability to sing, understand, enjoy music, is owned by a musician of intelligence that can be used to create, sing, and provide entertainment for others.
6. Interpersonal intelligence: Smart People
- Ability to understand and cooperate with others, include the ability to read people. With this intelligence would be easy to build relationships and interact with others
7. Intrapersonal intelligence: Self Smart
- Ability to understand yourself, understand advantages and disadvantages of himself. Knowing early on the main talent. Create one can ponder his purpose in life and believe in yourself. Needed by the entrepreneurial business man to know himself, confident, and know to enter the business.
8. Naturalist Intelligence: Nature Smart
- The ability to recognize forms of nature around us, including sensitivity to the natural shape. Daily life squad used while gardening, camping, and environmental preservation.
The duty of parents  hone the eight intelligences in order to increase the maximum intelligence. One way is by "PLAYING"

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  1. Great Post, I think playing is a key part of a childs intellectual development
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