Saturday, August 20, 2011

The benefits of playing in the rain

The title above as contrary to the assumption that the rain causes the child pain. So far, parents often forbid their children playing in the rain, citing fears of illness. Though playing in the water does not actually harmful to health. As proof, if we observe more carefully during the rainy season, children umbrella hawkers in shops / malls, they play in the rain as he offers his umbrella to the mall visitors. They were in the rain running around, playing, seeing an opportunity to get income from selling umbrellas without thinking ill. Rain for children has its own appeal. At the time it rains, children tend to love doing all sorts of active play activities such as football, chase, etc. Another benefit to play in the rain, among others, as follows :
1. Developing the child's exploration. At that time the children get to know the environment, become aware of what's happening with the environment. The natural intelligence of the child will be more honed. More Examples we can give to them, Parents can remind and directing that during the rainy season if we are littering, we will cause flooding.
2. to practice Gross motor. Playing games is often accompanied by active games which trains the muscles strength just like sports that make the child healthy and fit.
3. to practice socialization. While playing in the rain is usually done in groups because it is more interesting. At that children learn to get along and adapt to his friends.
4. Developing Imagination. Under rainwater children often likens himself to his idol figures. At that time they feel free, like free expression, free yelling, jumping, and running. This had a positive impact on mental development.
5. Relieve stress. Play activities to make children happy who can relieve the stress of pressure tedious activities such as peer pressure in school achievement.
But of all these benefits, parents should still supervise and direct or dare to forbid even if the condition is: Rain with Thunder, a child is sick, playing outside environment that is difficult to control such as at a highway street, and too old to play more than an hour.
Hopefully this article is usefull to change wrong view about playing in the rain and about our nature.
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