Sunday, August 28, 2011

Riding Bicycle

Can ride a bike for this condition has now become imperative as a means of transportation. However, associated with the development of our baby, play / ride bikes is one form of game that can train the child's balance, motor coordination that is  honed limbs like arms, legs, body and eyes. This game also stimulate cooperation between left and right brain, in addition to train the courage and independence of the child.
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The steps for cycling:
 1. Use two additional wheels as a means of salvation, set one of them rather rise above, if the bike is released, the bike will stand sideways.
2. By the time the child was on the bike and started to paddle, suggest to always look ahead, do not look down.
3. Lead children to ride this. If Mom and Dad do not mind and want your child could cycling rapidly, Father / Mother is holding the back of the bike in order to keep from falling. By  a little jog, suggest your child  always look toward to the front. Ask the children to feel the balance of the hands, body and legs while the bike is running.
 4. Little by little, lift the help wheel up until your child quite skilled and quite enough to be released.
 I hope it is helpful and useful. Happy cycling!
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