Friday, August 12, 2011

Feeding Children With Games

Vtech Preschool Learning Tote and Go LaptopKidoozie My First PurseLEGO Duplo Basic Bricks (80 Pcs.)Child's brain development is not only depends on genetic factors, but also depends on the role of parents to optimize it, one way to play and pick out appropriate and useful toys.
Ages 0 to 6 years is a critical time for children to optimize the emotional and intellectual development. Extended this age, your baby develop his brain about 75% capacity.
Relaxed atmosphere is created when your child is playing. Your child will be easy to learn various ways to overcome problems encountered when playing, and then children are often involved in  problems solving. By playing he will learn the strengths and limits of her abilities, better able to deal with reality through pretend play. He will recognize the concept of large-small, top-down, empty and full. Another benefit is the identification and classification capabilities such as start watching, massage, distinguish, make predictions, compares to draw conclusions. Children can learn to determine causality. Intellectual ability through these fun activities, can be a very useful provision to overcome various problems in future life

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