Friday, August 19, 2011

The type of children’s game Classification

Barbie 3 Story Dream Town House 55+ Pieces w Lights, Sounds, Furniture & MoreBarbie 3-story Dream TownhouseDOLLHOUSE GLITTER SUITE HUGE + 11 PIECES WOOD FURNITUREThe following is type of children’s game Classification so parents can help to select and guide children in play.
1. Active games
Feature of the game is played by some children and colored motion of the entire body. These games usually cultivate the kinestik ability and motivate children to learn achievement and survive in the competition. The type of game trains the cognitive aspects to manage and determine a strategy to win. Aiming to be effective aspects of sportsmanship and learn to accept defeat. This game can also train the coarse and fine motor skills a child.
2. Passive games
Feature of the game is played with friends who are not real, are mechanical machines. Example: playing playstation, video games, game watch, etc.
Positive aspect of this game, children have the skills in the strategy that leads to a certain expertise.
The negatives : inhibit the development of kinesthetic because the dominant body tools to move only the hand. Mentally and psychologically, the child becomes selfish, always want power and do not educate to tolerate because of his playmates is a machine or an inanimate object.
3. Fantasy games
These types of games can develop a child's imagination. Children can play different characters mimic that exist in everyday life. Such acts as doctors, merchants, cooks, police, teachers who teach students, etc.

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