Monday, August 8, 2011

Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

Step2 Neighborhood Fun CenterStep2 Neighborhood Fun CenterStep2 Neighborhood Fun Center
The kids in my daycare love it and we just got it this afternoon. I love it because it's Step 2 and I know it will last forever. I personally think it could have been a little less expensive but like I said the kids love, love, love it. I put it together by myself in less than half an hour. Probably would have taken less time had the kids not wanted to help so much. The seats could have been more sturdy and I did add a few extra screws to help steady them. I didn't use all the screws they sent with it because I'll keep it inside but since these snap together it won't be a problem. I'm not sure why you would need the screws but it holds together like all the other Step 2 playhouses I've had and is perfect without them. The kids didn't seem to like the spinning door as much as I thought they would. The "mirror" was scratched a little from the packaging and I think the ring toss might bother someone if they aren't use to a lot of noise. All in all it's a great house and since it will last for years and years to come, and because the kids love it I won't complain about the price even though I'd have felt better if it had been about $250 instead
another review :I bought this for my daughter's first birthday to use inside until it's warm enough to use outside. This is definitely a toy for her to grow into. Since she can't really climb or imaginitively play house yet, she enjoys guided rides down the slide, opening and closing the door, crawling through the several various crawl holes like the doggy door, and, for now, taking the balls off the target or rings for the ring toss. I looked at a lot of other playhouses and am convinced I picked the right one. This is definitely one she will enjoy for a long, long time

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