Friday, October 7, 2011

Do not Forget Traditional Games

Technological advances produce a wide variety of modern games. The game generated more emphasis on imagination and brain development for examples : play station, game watch, etc. Only a few of the members of the body is used. Modern game involves only the hand and eye movements. While the position of the body tend to be static and not much movement. This is of course not good for subsequent child development. Therefore the bodily kinesthetic intelligence of child also be trained. Children should be involved in many active games that involve a lot of coordination of limbs.
However, parents should be able to choose a safe game. Smack down like the physical game that aired on TV is very dangerous, besides playing on the place or location must also be a concern of parents. Do not let children play amid the highway. A good selection of games with a thorough physical movement many owned by playing on traditional like Gobak Sodor, enggrang, kites, football, hide and seek, etc.


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