Saturday, October 1, 2011

Characteristics of educational toys

The function of the creative and educational toys is as a creative stimulus for the child, so it does not need expensive toys, as long as it is appropriate for your child can learn creativity through these toys

Characteristics of educational toys :
- Specially made to stimulate the basic skills in young children from infancy.
- It has many functions and benefits.
  That is, there are several variations of toys in a toy so that the stimulation obtained by the
- Encourage problem-solving abilities.
  apart pairs of toys or puzzles are very helpful for this process.
- Train the accuracy, patience and perseverance children.
   So do not just simply enjoy, but the baby also demanded thoroughness, patience and
   perseverance when to play it.
- Train the basic concepts.
   The children are taught to recognize and develop basic skills such as shape,
   color, texture, scale. Educational toys can also be used to train the fine motor nerves       apart from the above  function.
Child’s creativity is stimulated.
  So that our children will be more creative in its development through a variety of toys        that are made​​.

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