Sunday, October 23, 2011


Early stages of a child's life is very dependent on the parental role. Good in Handling to teach the child, determine a child's success in its development process.
In the process of learning, need to know how the mind works. There are two types of mind: The conscious mind and subconscious mind. Both types of mind is a stage-related. brain where the information is absorbed through the conscious mind after being given a meaning will be stored on the memory available on the subconscious mind. Ability, learning outcomes, is processed by the subconscious mind.
The function of the conscious mind:
1. Identify the information that goes through the five senses
2. Comparing the information that goes with the experience and all the information residing in the subconscious mind
3. Analyzing
4. Decide
Functions of the subconscious mind keep the following things:
1. Good habits, bad, and the reflex
2. Emotion
3. Long-term memory of a permanent place to store information
4. Personality
5. Intuition
6. Creativity
7. Perception
8. Beliefs and values
Both functions of the mind is limited by the filter that makes the child is not equal to each other on academic achievement. More easily, filter can be compared to the gate. When the gate opened slightly, the information will be difficult to get into the subconscious mind. Children will be more difficult to memorize a matter if the gate is open slightly.
How to open the gates of the mind:
1. Repetition. Learn the material in a way in repeatedly
2. Information submitted by a respected figure who is viewed the child has such authority, for examples : Teacher & father.
3. Learning group. By interacting with friends, can parents and children, a commitment that is built will be more noticed by the children, and certainly information which is provided can be absorbed by the subconscious memory.
4. Emotions. Positive emotions, give children a lesson when they feel happy. A fun lesson is produced by playing. Give your child an educational toy.
5. Alfa conditions. Alpha state is a condition of relaxed and slightly sleepy. Take advantage of time before bed to provide the subject matter by way of the story. Children will be easier to absorb information at this condition and this way.

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  1. Nice post. Really useful for parents to understand their children.